Debt Management is an informal arrangement between yourself and your creditors.

It allows you to pay back your debts at a rate you can afford. The rate at which you pay it back, is calculated by taking into consideration all your income and all your outgoings. It is ideally suited to debts that are classed as non priority (Credit Cards, Loans, Store Cards, Overdrafts etc). Typically it is not ideal for priority debts, such as Council Tax, Court Fines and mortgage arrears.

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Our team will help you find the right solution for your financial problems

People often find a debt management plan is useful when they start to struggle with their finances. They may have maxed out all their credit cards, or found that no one else will lend to them to consolidate. Sometimes there could have been a change to their life, such as a separation or job loss. Whatever the reason for your difficulties, Debt Support Service will be able to help, advise and guide you on what would be the best debt solution for your circumstances, whether that is through a Debt Management plan, or a different debt solution. 

Not everyone can administer a Debt Management plan, the company has to be fully authorised by the FCA. Debt Support Service is, and we can be found on the FCA Register, which is here Simply type in our FCA number, which is 659964.

Under a Debt Management Plan, Debt Support Service will act on your behalf in dealing with your creditors. You do not sign a contract with us and can cancel at any time, with no penalties. Debt Support Service will issue you with a monthly statement each time you make a payment towards your debts. 

A Debt Management plan does not write off any debt, it simply allows you to pay your debts at a more affordable rate, which will probably increase the time it takes to pay it back. However, as a Debt Management plan is not legally binding, you can adjust your payment into a Debt Management plan at anytime, and even make lump payments towards it. Debt Support Service will also request that all your creditors freeze your interest and charges. 


  • A debt management plan helps you manage your debts and pay them off at a more affordable rate by making reduced monthly payments over an extended period of time.
  • We will send you a detailed monthly statement.
  • We will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and deal with all creditor correspondence.
  • We will request that your creditors freeze interest and charges but we cannot guarantee this as it is down to the complete discretion of the creditor.
  • We will endeavor to take away the stress and pressure you may feel by dealing with the creditors directly.
  • Repays your unsecured lenders and helps you avoid insolvency – secured debts, like your mortgage, aren’t covered and you’ll have to continue repaying them separately.
  • The plan does not include your assets.
  • The agreement is not legally binding.


  • The creditors are not legally obligated to agree to freeze interest and charges, unlike an IVA.
  • Depending on your circumstances a Debt Management Plan could possibly increase the total sum to be repaid.
  • The creditors always retain the right to charge fees and Debt Support cannot guarantee that interest and charges will be frozen.
  • We will ask your creditors to cease any further legal action against you. However, we can’t guarantee they will stop legal action. If you break the payment arrangement in the DMP, legal action may be instigated.

In order to check if you qualify for a Debt Management plan

Simply request a call back and one of our trained Debt Advisers will give you call. You will need to know who you owe money to, how much you owe and your income and expenses.